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Machine Tribe Recordings
  1. Tear Open Your Bones And Eat The Soft Parts

  2. No Happy End To It

  3. We All Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Us For Love

  4. The Sandpaper Man

  5. Noisevember 2018

  6. Cruel And Random World

  7. Noisevember 2017

  8. The Cold, Dead Hand Of God

  9. You Suffer (Lingering Disease)

  10. The Fourth Kind

  11. Noisevember 2016

  12. Hand In Hand Into Extinction / Hook And Claw bundle

  13. This Agony

  14. Slide Jam
    Fuer Grissa Ost Drauka

  15. Hook And Claw

  16. Hand In Hand Into Extinction

  17. Rura Penthe / Distorted Organ

  18. The Meek Will Inherit Nothing

  19. The Mutterings Of Worms And Spiders

  20. Low Drone Tones Mixes
    Toczek + Melinoe

  21. High Mixes
    Alexander Adams + Melinoe

  22. I Wish You Had The Guts To Hate Me

  23. Omnism Mixes
    The Lynch Project + Melinoe

  24. Maggot Death

  25. Hive Drones Mixes
    See Through Buildings + Melinoe

  26. New York Is A Place...

  27. Bloody Notes Scrawled On White Walls
    Nighttime In The Abyss + Melinoe

  28. The Banality Of Evil

  29. Portals Between Two Temples Of Flesh Mixes
    Host To Infinity + The Insect Worship Collective

  30. Oscar The Grouch Noise Mixes
    Oscar The Grouch + Melinoe + See Through Buildings

  31. Unusual Mixes
    Alexander Adams + Melinoe

  32. Basic Frailty

  33. Warm Thoughts Mixes
    Ruiner. + Melinoe

  34. Heartless & Screaming Mixes
    The Insect Worship Collective

  35. Brutally Morbid Axe Of Satan (I Blew Kanye In The Men's Room Mix)
    Anal Cunt + Melinoe

  36. Cockroaches Mixes
    Big City Clits + Melinoe

  37. Grave Dirt Under My Nails

  38. Sacred Trash Devil
    Wreckage + Melinoe

  39. Walk Through Fire Unscathed

  40. Out Of Egpyt And Into Their Mouths Mixes
    Black Sheet Servitude + Melinoe

  41. My Desires Mixes
    Lacerated Assholes + Melinoe

  42. All Acts Of Love End In Death

  43. Clear The Throat Of The Locust Mixes
    See Through Buildings + Melinoe

  44. Grief Felt So Like Fear
    See Through Buildings + Melinoe

  45. Euthanize Everyone

  46. The Alchemy Of Lies And Truths

  47. Dead At The Edges

  48. Life Eats The Weak

  49. The Name Of Blasphemy


Melinoe Brooklyn, New York

ripping sounds open to see what's inside: textures that are there, but unheard until melted down and rendered.

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